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#iwill Young Evaluators Network

The #iwill Young Evaluators Panel will co-design and co-deliver a fresh evaluation of the #iwill Fund, to understand the difference the Fund has made to young people, organisations, and communities.

Meet the Network

Learn more about the members below and the youth social action journeys that led them to the Network. 


Hi, my name is Victor. I'm 18 years old and I live in Birmingham.

I am a youth representative, and have an interest in healthcare, research, and tackling inequalities affecting young people. With a drive to make a positive impact in the field, I aspire to address the systemic disparities that hinder the well-being and opportunities of marginalised communities. With this goal in mind, I have worked on various research projects, from how health inequalities affect young people to exploring how wider determinants lead to youth violence. With my passion for science, medicine, and addressing inequalities, I am eager to continue my journey of making a difference at all system levels. 


Hi I’m Gracie! I am a passionate, aspiring medical student interested in health inequalities and improving the education system.

I love to read classic books and enter poetry competitions in my spare time, and I’ve been being published in the 2022 Litmus. I am a huge Taylor Swift fan and my favourite song is All Too Well. I’m currently a UK DofE Ambassador, and enjoy having the chance to share my social action message and create content to inspire others. I launched a World Class Futures campaign which was a chance for me to support others with careers advice by interviewing professionals, and hopefully, a podcast that I have organised will also be launched soon at WCSQM! Last year I became a Young Advisor for The Diana Award evaluating the levels of youth voice across programmes, and I am a keen volunteer and hold numerous roles across different organisations, including; Watch Commander at my local Fire Cadets; St John Ambulance Cadet; and NHS Cadet, which has helped me to implement first aid and overcome barriers to communication


Hi, my name is Irys. I'm 15 and I live near London.

Some of my favourite things are dogs, cucumbers, photography and the ocean! My social action journey has taken a lot of different twists and turns but I'm most passionate about connecting people with each other and the environment. I especially care about youth voice being heard, and about giving people the platform and opportunity to share their story.  


Hi, I’m Sneha, 17 years old, and passionate about youth voice and child health!

I’m currently an aspiring medic studying for my A-levels, and call myself a bookworm, nature enthusiast, and life-long learner. I’m St John Ambulance’s Regional Cadet of the Year 2023 for the North East, and work with various other organisations including the NHS Youth Forum! Outside of this, I’m also a radio presenter and qualified gymnastics coach, and carried the Queen’s Baton in 2022 for my continued charity work (including my hair donations of nearly 50 inches to the Little Princess Trust). A final fun fact about me is that I’ve been vegan for more than five years! 


Hi I am Thomas. I am 15 years old and I love running, cooking, golf and sports!

I am committed to youth social action - I volunteer at my local foodbank and local library, and I am heavily involved in youth voice and participation across lots of different boards and panels, as a member of UK Youth Parliament, Bite Back 2030 National youth board, and other charities and organisations. I want to puruse a career in law or politics. My favorite things about youth social action are the events, workshops, conferences, and the networking opportunities you have to meet other young people, decision-makers, and organisations. I can't wait to get started as part of the Young Evaluators Network and evaluate the #iwill Fund!


Siwmae, my name is Guto and I’m 18 years old from Trefeglwys, Powys.

Over the past few years I have gained a lot of experience and knowledge working alongside young people from a variety of backgrounds. I have been a young ambassador for Sport Powys and the Youth Sport Trust, a swimming teacher and recreational assistant at my local leisure centre, and a football coach for my local football club.

All these experiences have given me the drive to ensure that young people’s voices are heard throughout the UK, no matter their background. I am very proud to be the only Welsh member of the Young Evaluators Network, and I cannot wait to get the ball rolling! Diolch


Hiya! My name is Nasiha and I enjoy playing badminton and cycling.

It’s important to have a work/leisure balance, which is why I journal to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I love getting involved in campaigns and charity events - it is rewarding to start planning and following initiatives through to the end. This drew me towards becoming a member of the Greater Manchester Youth Combined Authority representing Youth Focus North West and Youth Leads, where we debate topical issues and begin to implement change in Manchester. I would love to pursue a career in law: I believe justice should be served everywhere to everyone regardless of your socio-economic background, race, religion or gender. However, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and justice will not simply occur. I believe planting small changes will be a step in the direction of achieving this. It‘s for this reason that I started my own organisation to actively encourage students across Manchester to get involved with their schools and community. 


Hey, I’m Eshan; I’m from the North West and I’m currently studying A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, and Psychology.

Outside of my studies, I work within youth voice and climate activism, so that I can do everything within my capacity to make sure young people are empowered to make a change. 


Hi, I'm A. Since I was small, I have always been extremely passionate about nature and wildlife.

As I grew up however, it became increasingly evident to me that our world was in crisis and we needed to take immediate action to save it. I am interested in understanding how new and old ideas can be brought together to create effective change. I also love looking at the links between all the different impacts of the environmental crisis and what these links mean for us. This is especially important as climate change and biodiversity loss does not just impact animals - the weather, food supplies, water reserves, global health, transport, the refugee crisis, desertification and shifting species ranges will change the earth drastically within my lifetime. I started volunteering with my local branch of the wildlife trust and started an eco club in my school. I gradually become involved in more and more projects and have even become a WWF youth ambassador. These projects have been vital in allowing me to make a difference even as a young adult. 


Hi there! My name is Dev and I am 18 years old, from Leicester.

I am a Member of Youth Parliament and a food activist with Bite Back 2030, campaigning to challenge the injustices of the food system. My activism includes delivering a food charter to Downing Street, speaking at international conferences, and advising multi-national companies on food policy.  

One of my proudest moments involves leading the campaign against junk food advertising. Teaming up with Bite Back and Jamie Oliver, our open letter campaign resulted in a government ban on these ads. This accomplishment earned me both the Diana Award and UK Parliament Award.  

I am firmly committed to the belief that tackling deep-rooted issues requires reshaping systems. This belief propels me to keep pushing for change, using my voice and passion to create a more just and equitable future. 

Children's Mental Health Week

For Children's Mental Health Week 2024, we asked Victor, our Young Evaluators Network member, what changes he would like to see after the General Election. Read his thoughts here!