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Our vision is for a just and equitable society that invests in support for all young people to learn, grow, and explore their relationships with the world around them.

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The College Curriculum

Our training, accredited, and bespoke learning offers are designed for practitioners and organisations seeking to develop quality practices and build capacity in their work with children and young people.

Office Hours

Need some bespoke support?

To complement our new Impact and Training Course, we've launched online office hours! Drop us a line ( if you'd like to schedule a call to chat through your evaluation challenges and questions about continuous quality improvement. Please provide a brief summary of your question or the thought you’d like support working through, and a member of our team will get in touch to finalise a time.

News & events

‘What’s in a name?’ – Data, duty, and the importance of honouring our stories

1 February 2024

For National Storytelling Week, Catherine Mitchell and Hannah Warsame explore the relationship between storytelling and data collection, and our duty towards the stories that sit behind our data.

The Centre for Youth Impact – ten years on

25 January 2024

In this read, Bethia McNeil looks back at ten years of the Centre for Youth Impact, looks forward to new beginnings, and explores evaluation’s shift from the ‘marginal’ to the ‘mainstream’. 

Championing supportive and collaborative spaces for the sector

25 January 2024

We are thrilled to announce the expansion of the YMCA George Williams College Regional and National Impact Networks, welcoming Youth Scotland and Youth Cymru to our existing peer network across the UK.

YMCA across the nations: supporting UK-wide collaboration

22 January 2024

This week, YMCA England & Wales will host the first Four Nations Youth Work Conference, bringing together youth workers from across England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland to begin building a national youth work network!