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The Learning Offer

Our training, accredited, and bespoke learning offers are designed for practitioners and organisations seeking to develop quality practices and build capacity in their work with children and young people.

About the Curriculum

Built on the principles of relational practice, the YMCA George Williams College Curriculum equips practitioners with supportive learning environments and expert training to develop high-quality youth practices, impact leadership, robust impact measurement and continuous quality improvement approaches, and deeper youth voice and participation opportunities within their organisations.

Download the Curriculum

Why choose to learn with us?

  • We have a long history and rich heritage in high quality learning experiences that support the youth sector across the UK.
  • We have a unique focus that brings together impact, evidence, quality improvement and youth voice.
  • We draw on relational practice as both content and pedagogy.
  • We have staff with skills in youth work, research, teaching, training and leadership.
  • We can offer some of our courses at no cost, through funding from the Department for Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).
  • We have accredited and non-accredited options in our curriculum.
  • We offer flexible learning pathways that allow you to dip into a subject or study an entire course.
  • We have exceptional feedback from our course evaluations, in particular that participants value the practical focus in our teaching and learning, enabling them to make immediate practice improvements.