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Detached Youth Work Project

The College is working with the Centre for Evidence and Implementation and Bryson Purdon Social Research to carry out research on detached youth work in the UK to see whether we can measure the impact it has on young people's lives. This study is funded by the Youth Endowment Fund and builds on their earlier consultation with youth sector practitioners.


  • Understand the principles and practices involved in this important area of youth work;
  • Understand how detached youth work is delivered and the forms and models involved; and
  • Consider whether it is possible to measure its benefits and impact on young people.


The College is currently examining the benefits of detached  youth work and whether we can measure if it can improve young people's lives.

Learnings from detached youth workers, commissioners of detached youth work, and experts in detached youth work were utilised to create a Shared Practice Model, Theory of Change, and a proposed model for evaluating the implementation, process, and impact of detached youth work.

Outcomes from this project are due to be publicly available Spring 2024. 

If this project interests you please get in touch with us by emailing