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Learning question: What does Youth Social Action do?

In this section we share learning on the outcomes of youth social action in terms of benefits for young people and for communities.

Outputs in this section explore:

  • What positive outcomes have been shown to be promoted for children and young people, and communities?
  • How can double benefit be managed?
  • What features of Youth Social Action make it effective?

Community Benefit and Youth Social Action

This paper, by the Dartington Service Design Lab, aims to help funders and providers think about how their youth social action programmes can achieve and measure benefit. The paper summarises measurement frameworks, including a new one from Dartington.

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Youth Social Action and Outcomes for Young People

This paper, by the Dartington Service Design Lab, reviews research evidence on outcomes for young people from participation in youth social action, drawing out implications for stakeholders in the #iwill Fund as well as the wider youth sector.

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Understanding and communicating social action's community benefit

This blog produced by the Centre after facilitating the first two ‘LabStorms’,  reflects on what we have  learnt from facilitating a discussion that explored the role that funders make in creating or supporting the structures needed to make social action a habit for life, for all young people.

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Report on the first #iwill Fund Learning Hub LabStorms

This report was produced by the Centre to provide insight into the first round of ‘LabStorms’ held as part of the Learning Hub in June 2019. LabStorms are collaborative problem-solving exercises that enable #iwill Fund Match Funders to identify and address potentially common problems. The report explores key learning generated from the discussions and some potential opportunities for funders moving forwards.

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Summary of first #iwill Fund Learning Hub LabStorms

​In June 2019 the Centre facilitated our first two ‘Labstorms’ as part of the #iwill Fund Learning Hub. This blog summarises our main report on the Labstorms, outlining the central themes that came out of each session held so far.

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