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Outcomes Framework 2.0

In the summer of 2018, the Local Government Association commissioned the College to produce an outcomes framework to help organisations and agencies across the youth sector to develop mutual aims for work with and for young people in their local areas.

Following more than 18 months’ consultation, development and testing, we published the final document in November 2019: a Framework of Outcomes for Young People 2.0 and an accompanying technical report.
Our starting point for this new framework was The Catalyst Framework of Outcomes for Young People, published in 2012. In undertaking this new piece of work, the College has listened to practitioners, commissioners and managers from across the youth sector who have welcomed the opportunity to revise and refresh the Catalyst Framework. Those who are familiar with that Framework recognise that it continues to provide a useful exploration of the key skills that help young people make successful transitions and respond to challenges along the way, and – with a research-informed update - it has the potential to underpin commissioning and provision of high quality services for young people.
The technical report goes into much greater depth on the theoretical models and underpinning research, and was written in partnership with our US-based colleagues at QTurn.