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Young People's Future Health Enquiry

In February 2019, the College was commissioned by the Health Foundation to produce a working paper on the role of youth provision in supporting young people to build the assets for a healthy life.

What we do

This paper forms part of the Young People’s Future Health Inquiry, which aims to build understanding of the influences affecting the future health of young people.

The paper explores how youth provision supports young people to develop a range of emotional, social, and intellectual capabilities in the transition to adulthood. In the longer-term, these are linked to the social building blocks of health such as good education, employment, and housing. We set out the enablers and barriers to achieving good youth provision and present a set of policy recommendations on what is needed for the youth sector to best support young people in building assets for a healthy life.
In addition to youth provision, the Health Foundation has commissioned research into six other key policy areas related to the building blocks of health: private rental housing, the quality of work on offer to young people, the impact of transport on young people’s lives, the impact of schools on wellbeing, living with or without a financial safety net, and post-16 education and training outside of the path to university. You can read these reports here.