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Questions 1 & 2

This page addresses questions one and two from the Asking Good Questions framework.
Questions 1 and 2 are about understanding context, and designing a high-quality ‘offer’ that responds to this context. These questions are really important in laying the foundation for both delivery and evaluation. It’s very hard to evaluate your work without answering these two questions really well.

In other words – we have to clearly describe what we’re seeking to do, how and why we’re doing it in that way, if we want to be able to understand the quality of our work, whether it’s making a difference, and why.

Asking Good Questions

Download a copy of a detailed guide and workbook, which introduces our 'Asking Good Questions' framework for learning, evaluation and continuous improvement.


From the Asking Good Questions Workbook - downloadable as word docs so that people can type into them

Theory of change toolbox

Downloadable powerpoint with key definitions and templates that people can use for theory of change workshops within their organisation and type their theory of change directly into the templates

Evaluation plan template

YIF Capacity Building Evaluation Planning Guidance doc and template

Nurturing a culture of evaluation

YIF Capacity Building Formative Evaluation Guidance Doc