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Call for Evidence

If you are involved with the #iwill Fund, share your evidence of youth voice activities and help us understand how young people are heard and influence decisions.

We’re searching for evidence...

Are you an #iwill Fund match funder? Have you been funded by or delivered youth voice activities through the #iwill Fund?

Working alongside our Young Evaluators Panel, we are evaluating the impact of youth voice within the #iwill Fund and other related projects. We need your evidence of how youth voice activities in the #iwill Fund has impacted young people, your organisation and the wider community.

All organisations who submit evidence will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 to support the delivery of youth voice activities. Plus, there are also five x £50 vouchers up for grabs for organisations working directly with young people!

Submit your evidence here

What evidence are we looking for?

You can send us any monitoring, evaluation and learning data you have of youth voice activities that you have undertaken or funded through your #iwill Fund youth social action projects or programmes, past or present.

Youth voice is defined in the #iwill Fund as "the meaningful involvement of young people in decisions that affect them and that influence the conditions of projects and programmes that they are involved in".

Whilst this definition is broad, we encourage you to self-identify youth voice activities within your practice and welcome any evidence related to how you understand youth voice. When thinking about what to submit, it might be helpful to ask:

  1. How have young people been involved in decision making through youth social action in my project or programme/programme I have funded?
  2. Do I have any evidence of the impact these activities have had on young people, my organisation, or the wider community? 

Youth voice could happen through formal structures such as youth boards and panels, young trustees and structured consultations through surveys and focus groups, or much more unstructured activities such as adhoc polls, voting or ongoing discussion with young people engaged in your project.

We know that monitoring, evaluation and learning data is collected in various ways and comes in a variety of formats, so please submit whatever evidence you have that feels relevant. This might be qualitative or quantitative, anecdotal or more scientific.  You can send us mid- or ‘live’ project reports, end-point project reports, written or visual case studies, external or internal evaluations, or individual testimonies.

We also know that projects can morph, be delayed, and leading staff can move on, which makes it challenging to know what evidence you have and where. Submit any evidence that you feel is relevant and we can follow up with you if needed to understand the context.

How can you submit your evidence?

Visit our easy to use submission portal below.

You can submit up to 5 pieces of evidence in one go, and you can return to the portal at a later date to make further submissions if you have any additional evidence.   

Please submit your evidence as soon as possible. We will continue to gather evidence until Feb 2022 and you can return to submit evidence multiple times. 

Submit your evidence

What happens next?

Over the coming months, we'll be working with our Young Evaluators Panel to analyse the evidence you've submitted, and pull together a draft outcomes framework for youth voice activities.

We'll be inviting stakeholders (you!) to help us assess this outcomes framework in Easter 2022, to support the next round of data collection.

If you’ve got any questions about the evaluation process or this call for evidence, you can get in touch at