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LYP Capacity Building Project

YPF Trust is supported 8-10 areas across England to develop their partnership practice and structures. These new local partnerships enabled successful engagement and application of resources and support in their areas. The project was delivered in partnership with YPF Trust, the YPF Network, the Network of Regional Youth Work Units, and YMCA George Williams College.

About LYP

The LYP Capacity Building Project was a pilot project led by YPF Trust to support the development of Local Youth Partnerships within the youth sector in England, including investment through the Youth Investment Fund (YIF), leveraging additional match funding, and in-kind support for local youth services. This project was funded by the Department for Digital Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS).

Aims of the project

The project has:

  1. Supported 10 areas through a bespoke locally led journey towards further collaboration, focused on meeting local needs.  

  1. Used the established set of tools, guidance and resources to enable formal partnerships locally.  

  1. Connected new local partnerships to a growing network of place-based partnerships.  

  1. Enabled local areas to fully engage with and take advantage of regional and national support available through formal connections to regional and national bodies.

  1. Established an outcomes framework for LYPs to demonstrate their impact, with a focus on securing further support and investment alongside increasing outcomes for children and young people.  

  1. Showcased the value and impact of LYPs in the successful delivery of YIF and in meeting local needs. 

  1. Provided a business case for support of LYPs at a local, regional and national level.  

  1. Connected LYPs into wider investments in children and young people across the government (e.g. Family Hubs, Community Safety, SEND, supplementary education).  


Geographical Reach  

The project worked in partnership with DCMS, Regional Youth Work Units, and wider stakeholders to identify suitable areas to focus on.  

The selection of areas included diversity in the following contexts:   

  • Local partnership status – the current status of local partnership arrangement, including emerging or not currently active, and current cross-sector representation and support.

  • Geography – a spread across Governmental regions in England, and consideration for the impact of urban and rural settings.  

  • Local area readiness – the ability of an area to take on YIF investment successfully and deliver sustainable capital projects. 

YPF Trust worked in partnership with Regional Youth Work Units to agree on criteria for focus areas, and a process for decision-making which meets the local and regional needs. 

For more information about this project, please get in touch with Tim Leaman