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Introducing the YMCA England and Wales Leadership and Management Development Programme


YMCA George Williams College is proud to unveil its latest training offer, an exclusive support package for all those working with and for young people across the YMCA Federation. In partnership with YMCA England and Wales, the new Leadership and Management Development Programme provides current and aspiring YMCA leaders with targeted training geared towards nurturing consistent, high-quality leadership and management skills within a supportive learning environment.

The heart and ethos of YMCA lies at the centre of this programme - developed in collaboration with an advisory group of practitioners, leaders, and young people drawn across YMCA England and Wales, YMCA Scotland, and YMCA Northern Ireland to create a sustainable approach to leadership and training applicable across a range of YMCA contexts and communities.

Kaz Stuart, Director of Learning and the Centre for Quality Practice said: "We are delighted to be able to bring our expertise in training and leadership development to YMCAs across the nation. This work is a central part of the YMCA England and Wales Strategy, which aims to ensure progressive leadership pathways for all staff across YMCAs that is consistent with the Federation’s ethos and culture and enables colleagues to continue to deliver high-quality services no matter the circumstance.”

The programme is split into three different course levels; the Aspiring Leader Practice-based Course is a level 2 course designed for practitioners beginning to lead and manage activities or small projects; the Established Leader Practice-based Course is a level 3 course for practitioners in middle leadership roles or leading internal organisational projects; and the Strategic Leader Practice-based Course is a level 4 course for senior staff, CEOs, and trustees responsible for strategic leadership and overarching impact. Each course is fully funded by YMCA England and Wales and free to access for YMCA colleagues.

For new YMCA practitioners and those seeking to re-immerse themselves in the rich history and culture of YMCA England and Wales, we are also launching a free Induction Programme. This course provides an opportunity to meaningfully engage with peers across the UK, reflecting on the history, ethos, strategy, and values of YMCA England & Wales in an inclusive and engaging environment.

The initial course is a half day event with optional action learning sets (ALS) for those who wish to engage at a deeper level with the induction course themes.

If you would like to know more about our courses, visit our website or contact Simon Frost, Head of Education at To book a place, register your details here.