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Our Panels

Our Youth Voice Ambassadors and Practitioner Panel will support the design and outputs of the Centre for Youth Voice.

Youth Voice Ambassadors

Meet the young people steering our Centre below:


Hi, I’m Eden, I’m 20 years old from Belfast Northern Ireland. In my spare time, I enjoy reading writing and listening to podcasts. 

I first got involved with Youth social action by joining the Northern  Ireland Anti Bullying Forum in 2021. After being diagnosed with a long-term health condition and having more free time due to not being able to go to university, I decided to get further involved with a number of different organisations and help other young people to feel empowered and inspired to stand up for what they believe in and try their voice. Some of the charities that I’m involved in include The Mix, Long Covid Support/Kids, Youth Employment UK and Fighting Words but there are many more! Due to my involvement with social action, I became an #iwill ambassador in August 2023 which has provided me with further opportunities. I’m using my voice to impact change by talking about my own experiences but also by working with other young people to make a difference. I do a lot of work with young people with disabilities and to support them to overcome barriers and feel less isolated and lonely. I think young people's voices are important as they are the people of the future and young people can really bring a unique and diverse  perspective. 


Hello, I’m Daniel, also known as DAZO, a 23-year-old from Birmingham and a recent Biology graduate.

My interests range from reading, to making music, to fitness, but my true passion lies in supporting my local community and young people. This dedication led me to join my college's Student Union as the elected Diversity Officer, which paved the way for my involvement with the Aspiring Youth Board.

In these roles, I’ve had the opportunity to lead and participate in various community campaigns. One notable experience was discussing the Environmental Bill and 2050 Carbon Neutral Plan with Ministers, where I submitted detailed recommendations to DEFRA to increase youth engagement in policy-making.

As the Chair of the Youth Advisory Board at EYF, I’ve gained significant insights into youth advocacy. I am excited to bring my experience to the Centre for Youth Voice as a Young Ambassador, where I aim to further empower and engage young people in decision-making processes.


Hi! My name is Django and I am 17 years old, from Sheffield.

Hi! My name is Django, I’m 17 years old, and I’m from Sheffield. I love my work as a youth social activist and I work on a variety of projects, from climate education to empowering other young people and ensuring access to equal opportunities.

I started as a member of Sheffield Youth Cabinet and now I work as a campaign coordinator and run my own blog. I am also still a part of Sheffield Youth. Throughout my four years in youth social action, I have learnt that young people can be and are valuable agents of change. 


Hi, I’m Hannah! I live in Norfolk and love dancing, reading and hiking.

I live in Norfolk and love everything from ballet and tap dancing, to reading and hiking.

I’m an aspiring engineer (currently working as a medical engineering intern) with a hope that I can change the world for the better, or at least some small part of it! I’m passionate about education and improving inclusivity for non-formal education provisions. As part of this, I am a member on the FED Learner’s Council. I also have a love for the Duke of Edinburgh Award as a Gold Award holder, UK Youth Ambassador and expedition instructor; as an instructor I’ve found a community in which I belong, a love for nature and I love seeing the smiles as the young people learn, grow and have a good time.


Hi, I’m Huda. I’m 17 years old, from the East Midlands and currently studying A-levels.

Outside of my studies, I enjoy reading and spending time with friends and family. I'm really passionate about getting young, underprivileged voices in power for change and impact.  

I love working with youth organisations, such as in my capacity as a Duke of Edinburgh UK Youth Ambassador and being selected for the Bright Green Future Programme focused on youth voice and environmental change in young people today.


Hi, I'm Qahira and I'm 17 from Cardiff.

I am studying for my A-levels in chemistry, biology and maths, it does take up quite a lot of my time but when I am not studying I like reading, hiking (because Wales has some really beautiful nature walks and mountains to climb) and spending time with my cat Lola. I also organise and volunteer at many fundraising events for different causes with the events ranging from organising culture days to helping out at local fairs and also dressing up as elves to help Santa deliver gifts! I've also volunteered abroad to help deprived communities that are facing hardships. I'm also a Welsh Youth Parliament member for my area (which is essentially a parliament for young people) where I speak up for people in my constituency, speak at events and at schools, organise workshops and listen to young people's worries and relay this to Ministers.


Hey, I’m Yazz, I’m 16 and I’m from Dorset. My favourite things are to watch the sunset and go skiing!

I love any type of adventure; I love to go on hikes, ocean swims, watching the sunset and ski trips! My favourite place is up in the mountains with all the snow! I currently take part in lots of youth-based projects, such youth forum and youth fund with my local council. I am also a ‘Make Your Mark Champion’ for my local area, focusing on health and wellbeing, and crime and safety. As well as this, I am Young Consultant at Participation People, where we ‘youth-proof’ and ‘future-proof’ businesses, ensuring they are equipped to work with young people in the best way possible! I’m so passionate about advocating for young people and ensuring all young people have the opportunity to share their voices and are heard by adults and decisionmakers. Your voice is the most powerful tool you have, and I want to encourage as many young people to use their voice, as well as represent those voices that might not be as loud as some others.